Thursday’s Special: Pick a word.

Photographic post prompted by Paula over at Lost in Translation.


Commanding – Statue outside a church in  Sao João da Madeira, Portugal.


Coarse – Tree bark with some interesting fungi.


Gibbous – Bobbi patiently waiting for mum to arrive home.


Incremental – Bromeliad.


Indelible – Quiet tiny street in Sao João da Madeira, Portugal.


I must be honest, I was a little cheeky with the choice as I tried to mirror Paula as best as I could.

Not quite using the same subjects as she did … but similar.

I may do another with a different selection of subjects a bit later …

Thanks as usual for the effort you make , Paula. These are always good fun.



9 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Pick a word.

  1. Oh Ark, when were you in Madeira? I was only in the mainland Portugal and it is one of my favourite places on earth. I am thrilled with your choice of gibbous 😀 Wonderful! And I love that statue in Madeira, and that fungi is so pretty, and the view in the last capture is beautiful, and for your incremental you went with the same plant family as me. Of course they made the cut. Have you ever doubted? You have my gratitude 🙂


    1. This is mainland Portugal. My wife is from a small town outside Porto called Sao João da Madeira.
      Click the link on the photo.
      The shots in Portugal were taken in 2004. I used an Olympus OM10 with a Tokina telephoto lens. We went over for a family wedding and the Euro soccer tournament.


  2. Hello Ark. Bobbi has such wonderful eyes. I had to look the word up and as soon as I knew what it meant I could see why you used that shot. Very creative. Give the dogs a hug for me. Hugs

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