Incy Wincy

Another gorgeous example of  the Flower Crab Spider and its ability to alter its  pigmentation, although why this one seems to be opting for pink on white while residing among blue French Lavender is a mystery!


Whatever the reason, she makes a fine display, and from a photographic point of view, the colour contrast is beautiful.

One day I must do a post showing the entire range of patterning I have come across among these wonderful creatures – and to date, I have quite a few!

I came across this one early this afternoon when I went for a wander up to the shed to check on how the new chilli seedlings were doing.




One thought on “Incy Wincy

  1. I have an idea with any evidence to back it up. The reason for camouflage is either to catch more prey or to not be caught as prey. So if the blue is too hard for her prey to see and they won’t come there, so the spider would die. So I reason it is because the things that eat her can see the blue very well. That would make her stand out and get eaten. So she stays a different color and eats instead of changing color and being eaten. Hugs

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