Beeing there


South African Honey Bee on Lemon Verbena, Aloysia citrodora. Note the unusual pollen cluster on its back and head. I wonder where it picked this up from as I’ve never seen this on a bee before?


Halicid or Sweat Bee on Cosmos.

Looks like it just got a gold paint job. ( this is its actual colouring)


Another Thyreus bee. (Cuckoo Bee) I noticed ( 24th Feb) resting on the stem of a Pelargonium.

They use their mouth parts to grip and hold them in this position. Quite something to see.






5 thoughts on “Beeing there

    1. Me too, but apparently not according to someone on a local garden bug site I follow. And she provided a couple more pics. Though pollen from what plant, is yet to be established, and nobody else came forth to help. *shrug*


    1. Someone on a Facebook garden site I read said this does happen, and included two more pics from google, but she couldn’t find out which plant the bee had been rummaging in.
      An unusual shot for sure.

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