Sunset 15




8 thoughts on “Sunset 15

  1. Well now that’s spectacular!

    P.S. I’m laughing my arse off at the comments you are making over at Daddy and daughter’s. 🙂


    1. Yeah, well, they are ripping Mike with their post.

      They won’t answer my comment and neither will James/The Isaiah 53:5 Project
      Tildeb’s got a single two liner from Daddy, but they wont genuinely engage on this topic.
      They are just revolting individuals.
      I feel no compunction to cut them any slack at all.


      1. I unsubscribed some time ago and am only getting notifications b/c this is an older thread. But I see they haven’t polished their slapstick routine yet.


        1. Like most clowns, they really are funny and seem to enjoy pouring custard and whitewash down their own trousers.

          I don’t know why this post is getting attention?
          However, a reply to someone else’s comment appeared in my drop down and I did not even check the dare merely popped over to see.


          1. The really funny thing is this – the comedian ISN’T funny. Your comments really are. 🙂


          2. Yes Carmen, I eavesdropped over there and concluded that it was indeed comedy, though much unintended.


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