Leading you up the garden path.

It is still raining …. this is now around four days of practically non-stop rain, thanks to Cyclone Dineo.

We’ve had torrential downpour, minor drizzle and everything in between. Johannesburg – and most of the country – is currently one big Squelch!

Here’s a few non-sunny photos taken during the occasional foray outside.


Fungi in a hollow in an old log.


Cricket I found hopping about in the vegetable garden. Note, he only has one antennae.



Young White Crab Spider meal-less on a soggy Cosmos.


Before lunch ….


During lunch on an even soggier Gazania.


Long Misty Days.


Grey Skies


Reflections in a puddle.


By any other name …


The door to the laundry had been left open and I noticed this poor bedraggled female weaver had flown inside and was bumping up against a window.

I immediately put on my International Rescue hat and positively leapt into action.

Gently retrieved her from behind a box,took her inside to calm down a little and then walked out onto the stoep. After this one shot, I opened my hand. She sat up, had a brief look around and flew away over the neighbour’s roof.







17 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path.

  1. Grand save Ark. I love it. You were able to save the bird and keep it from the cats. It was a nice touch to warm it up and calm it down before returning it to the rain filled skies. With the rain you have had, any chance you will get the problems California is having? Hugs

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      1. Big landslides, massive power and communication outages, and roads not only flooded but suddenly washing away or developing sinkholes. I don’t know how it turned out as the new stopped on it but for a while they were worried the tallest dam in the US ( I think It is the tallest ) was about to collapse. That is some of what I have seen online. Hugs

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            1. We here in So. Oregon have been blasted as well. Not quite as bad as California but that’s because we get rain most every winter whereas they haven’t had a good rain storm for several years. And the land and rivers are paying the price. Mother Nature can really let loose at times.

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  2. I discovered many years ago (it was an instinctive act that became a rule) to settle an unruly/panicking/active/whatever bird in the hand, just blow on it. Gently, but the effect is magical.


  3. Ireland has started this annoying habit of naming storms. Not hurricanes or anything like that, oh no.
    We had some wind. And hail. And rain. The decided it was Doris. Sigh.
    It’s weather, people. We don’t need to name it. Sad thing is you can guess by the D name that this is THE FOURTH STORM OF 2017!!! Ermagerd, I could panic – if it did more than blow over a potted plant.

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