Leading you up the garden path. May you Rue the day.

Citrus Swallowtail .

After the Butterfly has laid its egg the newly hatched larvae soon looks like this …

Bird droppings! , As a rule, it is in plain sight, on top of a leaf, as you, and presumably any potential predator, would expect a bird dropping to be . The perfect disguise!

(The photograph below was taken in 2016. The larvae is on a leaf of one of  the  potted lemon trees)



Later it changes into a  caterpillar, and looks like this …




Brand New Caterpillar of the Citrus Swallowtail  on a Rue Plant.

I discovered this gorgeous caterpillar first thing this morning and wondered why it was on one of the rue plants instead of one of the lemon trees or the orange tree.

Well, I found out just now that, Rue is part of the Citrus family!

So, if you ever come across the first larval stage or the caterpillar munching away on the leaves of your lemon tree you can move it to the rue. And if you don’t have rue in the garden, now you have a good reason to plant some, as it will encourage swallowtail butterflies.

I’ll follow the transition from caterpillar to butterfly … if I can, and post photos as we go along.

Meantime, for those who may have forgotten. I came across a Citrus Swallowtail a while back just as it emerged from its pupae …

How gorgeous is this?








8 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path. May you Rue the day.

  1. ‘Hidden in plain sight’ … I like that. Clever, them butterfluffs. Love the expression on the guy that made it through … boom boom!

    As for us, we finally have some, herds of cabbage whites fluttering and dancing in the breeze. And inside the tunnel house, but no cabbages—so they’ll just have to make do with the (now gone berserk) nasturtiums that have exploded and taken over in there (I no longer go in) (you never know what else may be lurking).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nasturtiums are great. Edible too.
      We’ve had some heavy weather these past few days. Tail end of cyclone Dineo.
      But the plants and veg. have all shot up.
      I just need a canoe or jetski to go fetch ’em! 😉


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