Incy Wincy … another tiny friend.

The garden is a bit like a bog at the moment with us receiving the tail end of Cyclone Dineo.

So when I was asked  to get some Basil for dinner I anticipated I might need Wellies … or even a canoe.

Fortunately the drainage in the garden is pretty good, so it was just a mild  case of Soggy-Foot.  I slung the camera over my shoulder and squelched up the garden path. As I picked a few Basil Leaves this little one made an appearance.

I managed one shot and before I could blink it leaped off the leaf and bungeed to the garden floor, where is scuttled out of sight in an instant.

About half the size of my thumb nail.


Thomisidae, Misumenops rubrodecoratus.

That’s a fancy name for a species of crab spider!

Isn’t she smart!



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