Driven round the bend ?

…or just to the shops.


Whatever it was, it seems that Cindy the dog didn’t see the funny side of it.




4 thoughts on “Driven round the bend ?

  1. We just adopted a new dog and she adores cars. For the first few nights she was sleeping out the front (her tail is slowly being amputated and the smells in those first few days were pretty horrid and would have freaked the other animals out a little) and she slept in the car. Couldn’t get enough of it. The daily trips to the vet were like a carnival ride.

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    1. Our first boxer, Brunel, was paranoid about the cars and hated them.We made sure all subsequent dogs were introduced asap.
      Cindy must already have been used to them when we found her as she is the first to the garage when the back door is opened!

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