The Source of Life …. according to …

There is only one transcendent source of all life. We can argue about the specifics of his character and nature. That’s religion.

Or there is no transcendent source of life. In which case, how did we get here?


Professional Comedian and Christian Fundamentalist, John Branyan



79 thoughts on “The Source of Life …. according to …

  1. Life is life. Wherever or however it started, we all emerge from that one life. Life continues in us. We are individuals, yet still one life expression.
    The source of all life? Life springs from nature. Life is emergent from the properties of the natural world.
    It takes religion to tell the story any further back than that, and they do so by faith, not by any available evidence.
    Nature itself is the only source of life we Know of.


    1. It is the statement …”There is only one transcendent source of all life. ” that I find most arrogant.
      How can this be asserted with such conviction?
      Maybe there are four or five transcendent sources of life?

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      1. What evidence do you have… or what can you think of that indicates to you that there is the slightest possibility that there may be more than one source of life.

        It hasn’t escaped my notice that none of your readers have anything remotely profound to add to this conversation 🙂
        Hmmm… I wonder why?


    2. Life is life… sounds like lazy thinking to me Kia.
      What does that mean.
      Where did your breath come from? Whose breath is in your lungs? How did it get there?

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      1. Hi. We can’t Know anything before nature. Whatever may have started it all, is beyond our ability to Know. Arguments from ignorance “you don’t know, theefore… god” are not evidence. And certainly are not good thinking either.

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        1. huh…
          Nature is a created thing… You don’t look to nature, you look beyond, to who created it all (including nature). Notice I use who because with our limited intelligence, some are still trying to figure it out (though the answer is already given them)… so it stands to reason it would require intelligence to create and hold it all together.

          Because you’ve come to the conclusion that something is beyond your ability to know, this doesn’t make it true for everyone. It’s not beyond my ability to know who created a thing if the creator of that very thing told me, “I did it.”

          If someone tells you, I made this particular thing, and you completely dismiss them and their words, then you say with much gusto to the next individual you see… ‘hey look, this is beautiful but I have no idea who made it’… that makes you a liar. Choosing not to believe doesn’t make you right.

          I don’t say God did it because I cannot think of anything else. I say God did it because God says He did and He tells how He did it and why. I choose to believe Him.
          I don’t dismiss His words then turn around and make a liar of myself.


          1. To say “nature is a created thing” implies an agent who created it. Implies, mind you… not demonstrates. For that would would need to Know by evidence not just Believe by faith


                1. I just told you above that you also have evidence for the source of creation. The fact you choose to throw out your evidence for ridiculous conjecture is even more telling and sad.

                  You keep saying faith as if it’s a dirty word.
                  Every single living human being lives by faith – whether it’s faith in God’s words, or faith in their intelligence or faith in the pseudo-intelligence of others… or faith in whatever. We all live by faith in something.
                  Faith is simply trust…. It’s all about what we’ve chosen to believe/trust/(ie. put our faith in).


                    1. An assertion is a statement of fact or belief.
                      I previously stated, if someone tells you they did something, and how and why they did it, I wouldn’t easily dismiss it then make stuff up.
                      So this was why I would rather accept the word of the Creator that He did it above conjecture and pseudo-intellectualism.
                      Scripture is a written, historical record and as such this makes it evidence!

                      Now, I find it to be compelling evidence.. you on the other hand do not. That’s fine. That’s the beauty of evidence… we weigh what we’re presented with and decide if it’s compelling enough for us.
                      However, your rejection of the evidence doesn’t diminish what it is.

                      So, that’s my point…

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                    2. See… Life is an Emergent property of Nature. It’s a process of continued existence and passing on of new potential to the next generation. Life is Life. There is only one Life. We are all just different and individual expressions of Life


                    3. In honor of your brand new niece *cheers* 🙂
                      I agree, we’re all different and individual expressions of Life that’s gifted to us.

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                    4. Even the idea of life having been ‘gifted to us’ implies… Not demonsrates, mind you, but implies a Giv-er.
                      Lie is a gift, a personal Giv-er not required or evidenced. You are free to Believe by Faith what you want to about the origins of the natural world, but that is beyond what can Know by evidence that can be demonstrated to be actually true.


                    5. The same way you’re free to believe by faith that ‘life is an emergent property of nature’.
                      Aren’t you implying here that nature is the giver of life.


                    6. That life emerges from nature and natural processes is well established by evidence and demonstrated repetition and prediction. No faith required. At all


                    7. Thought you might like this ….

                      It is time for students of the evolutionary process, especially those who have been misquoted and used by the creationists, to state clearly that evolution is a fact, not theory, and that what is at issue within biology are questions of details of the process and the relative importance of different mechanisms of evolution. It is a fact that the earth, with liquid water, is more than 3.6 billion years old. It is a fact that cellular life has been around for at least half of that period and that organized multicellular life is at least 800 million years old. It is a fact that major life forms now on earth were not at all represented in the past. There were no birds or mammals 250 million years ago. It is a fact that major life forms of the past are no longer living. There used to be dinosaurs and Pithecanthropus, and there are none now. It is a fact that all living forms come from previous living forms. Therefore, all present forms of life arose from ancestral forms that were different. Birds arose from nonbirds and humans from nonhumans. No person who pretends to any understanding of the natural world can deny these facts any more than she or he can deny that the earth is round, rotates on its axis, and revolves around the sun. The controversies about evolution lie in the realm of the relative importance of various forces in molding evolution.

                      “Evolution/Creation Debate: A Time for Truth”, BioScience volume 31 (1981), p. 559; Reprinted in J. Peter Zetterberg, editor, Evolution versus Creationism, Oryx Press, Phoenix, Arizona, 1983.

                      Biology Professor Richard Lewontin:

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                    8. Ah, but there’s the rub. You haven’t demonstrated that your version of a creator actually exists. You believe by faith, but you don’t Know by evidence

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                    9. Moses was a fictional character as was Noah, and of course Adam and Eve.
                      The biblical character Jesus of Nazareth was also fictional.

                      Do you understand the term Historical Fiction?

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                    10. Ahhh… nice deflect…. everything except poor Nebuchadnezzar. Perhaps Wikipedia could help you out here.


                    11. Not a deflect in the slightest.
                      MI5 is very real. So are Aston Martins, Dry Martinis & chemin de fer. Does this mean we must accept that James Bond is also real?

                      I am aware who Nebuchadnezzar was.

                      So, are you going to produce evidence that scripture is an historical record?

                      Try Noah… or at least evidence of a global flood.
                      Then maybe the Exodus.
                      Or you could even dig out Francis Collins and we can discuss the HGP where it pertains to the historical record f Adam and Eve?
                      And finally , the thoroughly documented evidence for the resurrection of … Lazarus.
                      And then you might like to explain exactly how you know about a single, transcendent source of all life?

                      Off you go … the floor is all yours.


                    12. Lol.. Fair enough… I fell for that. Yes it most certainly is an historical document…
                      However …
                      Easier to let someone else explain …

                      Paula McNutt, for instance, notes that the Old Testament narratives “do not record ‘history’ in the sense that history is understood in the twentieth century … The past, for biblical writers as well as for twentieth-century readers of the Bible, has meaning only when it is considered in light of the present, and perhaps an idealized future.”

                      And it the same for the New Testament as well.
                      Historical Fiction as I stated.

                      So, evidence for the characters I cited?

                      Pick a character … Jesus Christ if you like ..


                    13. You’ve chosen the easiest one. Christ Jesus.
                      Because every living, thinking person knows where Christ Jesus of Nazareth was born, when He died. They know His parents, his siblings!

                      Seriously Ark.


                    14. Impervious? What nonsense! I thrive on evidence.
                      Seriously, if you have anything contemporary on Jesus Christ, anything at all, then please, let’s read it.


                    15. 🙂
                      “…nine non-Christian authors who refer to Jesus from the first 150 years AD are sufficient.”

                      Here’s a non-Christian historian. The other guy sounds like you Ark.


                    16. As you were hotshot …I am not talking about some smelly little itinerant rabbi -for whom there is also no contemporary evidence whatsoever( you do know what contemporary means I take it?) – and yes we all know who Bart Ehrman is thank you, and this would be enough, but I am talking about the man god you worship.

                      So you were saying …


                    17. The fact that the bible is a Historical Book of books doesn’t mean it’s story is true any more than ancients would accept the koran or the Bagavad Gita or the teachings of Buddha as authentic and inherently reliable or true just because gautama actually existed or Muhammed


        1. We are all free to believe what we want, even when told the truth (but we think the truth is a lie).
          I did not call it lazy thinking because you didn’t know.
          When you deliberately choose to throw out half your information (for whatever reason) then claim to have no information at all; and worse yet go on to throw even crazier ideas out there – that’s my basis for calling it what it is.

          As I’ve said before, it should deeply bother you that not one single commenter from Ark’s pack has anything remotely intelligent, coherent, or logical to add to this conversation.


          1. I agree, most of us are dummies for not clinging to a story of universe creating deity who temporarily swapped omnipotence to become transmogrified as a smelly, itinerant, 1st century, Lake Tiberius pedestrian rabbi, born of a supernaturally raped 14 year old virgin, whose blood was later shed by the Romans for sedition but who redeemed me from the sin of watching Sesame Street in my pajamas, even at my age.

            However, good news, Non-Believers, John Zande has made the most sciencey contribution, and it has words which even I don’t understand, so this must mean it is meaningful,coherent and logical. And he’s Australian!


  2. There is an old proverb that says when presented with choice of two things, always take the third. The example I was given was a shopper was asking after the cost of a fruit and was told they were two for 79 cents. How much was one, he asked? The clerk answered 40 cents. The shopper said “I’ll take the other one.”

    So, what is the third option to the two given above?

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  3. How did we get here?

    Things obeyed Bejan’s Constructual Law of design in nature, which is to say, all things move toward greater organisation/management of the forces that flow in and through and out of everything. Homeostasis is nothing but a fancy, dressed-up manifestation of this far, far, far more ancient compulsion.

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              1. Bejan’s Law? It’s actually an entirely new law of physics. Brand Spanking New! Said as simply as possible, it accounts for the phenomenon of evolution organisation (the configuration, form and design of inanimate and animate systems alike, even technological systems) throughout nature.


                  1. Even better, I’ll do a book! In fact, I’ve just finished it. I’m just waiting for the e-file file to upload to KDP and you can buy it 🙂 Or, you can buy the print version already… and you’re the first to hear that.

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