Leading you up the garden path. Bits and Bobs.


Gazing from the Gazania.


Beautiful Two Striped Skimmer.


Fungi – unknown species.

The past week has seen quite heavy rains and the garden, including parts of the lawn, have suddenly sprouted several varieties of fungi ( Mushroom, Toadstool?)

Here’s another one…



Migrant Hover Fly on Lemon Verbena


Discarded pottery. One for the archaeologists? I should scratch the words Ark wos here.


Hoverfly (Eristalis Tenax). One of several Bee Mimics that visit the Ark’s spot.




Found another Thyreus Bee (cuckoo bee) this afternoon gearing up for an afternoon nap. They choose a suitable perch( this case, a stem of a Pelargonim plant) and secure themselves with their mouthparts. Quite extraordinary.


Here it is five minutes later, presumably fast asleep. Note how it keeps itself almost vertical with no support under its body! 



11 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path. Bits and Bobs.

    1. Quite something , isn’t it?
      When I first read that they use their mouth parts I could hardly credit it, but I squatted on the soil underneath the bee and looked …. sure enough, it grips the stem with its ‘mouth’!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Paula., They are amazing little creatures.
      It was adjusting its position so as to get a firm grip of it’s perch.
      For me, it was simply a case of bee – ing in the right place at the right time, I guess.


  1. Where is this garden of yours? I think the Eristalis tenax is something else as the eyes do have dots which is not seen on E.tenax.


    1. Well spotted ( if you’ll excuse the pun!)
      It looks like Eristalinus, but I don’t know which one.
      Any help will be appreciated?
      Oh, and I am in Johannesburg.


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