A few More Street

Queen Street, Kensington.


Outside The Real Macaw; the pet-shop.  All the wood in the background belongs to a business called The Yard which specializes largely in old furniture.


Checking the bird cages


Sadly, the coffee shop/bakery has recently closed down. 


Having a stretch and a smile before business gets under way.



Sanding a table. Outside Granny’s Attic.


Going Door-to-Door … with his own door.


We are seriously NOT amused by the photographer … at all! 





5 thoughts on “A few More Street

        1. Yes, I beleive that is correct. I have red flagged his name, even though I generally release all his comments.
          Use the initials CS perhaps?
          Or, please feel perfectly free to use a defamatory or derogatory term of your choice … including the ”D” word or the ”A ” word … in a ladylike fashion, of course.

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