I believe it’s time we all converted to Christianity, because …


If we’re right about Christianity, then we’ve lived a good life, and we get to meet the Creator who loves us at the end. It’s a win-win. In your case however, you live a purposeless life, and you never get to meet the Creator either way.


Someone looking out for moi. Sweet!

You gotta love Christians, right? They are such a … er …happy, well-balanced positive, live-in-the-moment  group, don’t you think?





    • Odd is it not.
      Here we have an obviously (to my mind) emotionally unbalanced/challenged individual regaling me with a tale of how marvelous god is and how he sorted out her life – but they often seem reluctant to discuss why it needed sorting out – telling me my life is pointless.
      I mean, there is beer and Liverpool.
      How can that possibly be pointless?
      Oh …yeah, and my family, of course, and the dogs.

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          • but of course, atheism makes no claims. it does not claim to Know that God doesn’t exist, it simply doesn’t believe without good evidence that, strangely enough, those who Wager with Pascal refuse of fail to provide. Atheism is the answer to ‘do you Believe’. Agnosticism is the answer to ‘do you Know’

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  1. Being a de-convert allows me to spend more quality time doing the things I enjoy doing and being with those who bring happiness in my life . I no longer have to spend my time doing mental gymnastics to believe something that otherwise is unbelievable . I no longer have to feel like a worthless slug who exists only through the grace of God.

    Quite refreshing actually …………

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  2. What foolish Christian believes that “living a good life” has anything to do with getting into Heaven? Back when the church was selling indulgences, it was a much clearer proposition. And as for meeting the creator, probably the best thing they could expect is to wait in a receiving line for one of the lesser angels. Only really important people get an audience with the Big Guy.

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  3. The use of the word purposeless is utterly outrageous. The stupidity of the idea that purpose is found in a fantasy rather than in reality is just astounding. Purpose should be making the world a better place, helping people, making a contribution to our family and community- not in the selfish and self-important notion that one day one gets to meet a god.

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