Leading you up the garden path. Can you dig it?


We have never actually planted potatoes ( and I have watched the Martian enough times to be an expert) but rather what grows is because of what we bury: skins usually.

This is the result  of  some of  what grew. ( and a squash that I missed from the other day) I’ll dig up more a bit later on in the month.






  1. I first put a few spuds in a corner 11 years ago. Then I planted sage, a wee little thing…now I have a literal sage bush which still grows taters underneath, because no matter how hard I dig, there is always a leftover.
    My crop for 2017 will be from a set of eyes I cut off. Been keeping them damp and dark until I get the chance to bury them. Soooo easy. Like garlic.

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