Leading you up the garden path. Can you dig it?


We have never actually planted potatoes ( and I have watched the Martian enough times to be an expert) but rather what grows is because of what we bury: skins usually.

This is the result  of  some of  what grew. ( and a squash that I missed from the other day) I’ll dig up more a bit later on in the month.





15 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path. Can you dig it?

    1. Not difficult, I agree. I must just get round to organizing the garden properly and make it ”work for a living” rather than so much bloody lawn.
      However, there are certain points of departure that have to be negotiated … carefully.

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          1. We’ve a tiny garden for herself to do her business in. Out and in again, only outside for any length of time if one of us is with her. Luckily she is one of the laziest breeds around, so doesn’t often want to dig or play. But she does poo everywhere. Usually not on the walking area to the compost bin, at least.

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            1. Our dogs have spent most of their time at home as well and get quite skittish when out on a lead.
              And there are zillions of dogs in almost every suburb out here, so they get bombarded with barking.

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  1. I first put a few spuds in a corner 11 years ago. Then I planted sage, a wee little thing…now I have a literal sage bush which still grows taters underneath, because no matter how hard I dig, there is always a leftover.
    My crop for 2017 will be from a set of eyes I cut off. Been keeping them damp and dark until I get the chance to bury them. Soooo easy. Like garlic.

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