Ark on the Street






guard just-walking handy


10 thoughts on “Ark on the Street

    1. Morning, Miss Tish!
      How’s your ”belly off for spots” as my granny used to say!
      It’s a passenger in a mini-bus taxi I spotted on the way back from a place called The Chocolate Den where we buy stock.
      Like pretty much all of my car-bound street photography I simply point and click away.
      I am often surprised what I find in the frame.

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      1. Morning, Ark. That’s some greeting from your granny, and one I’ve never heard before. Truth to tell my head has a big ache in it today. Am just trying to decide what to do with it. But the street snapping is great fun, and the never knowing what will turn up in the camera. Keep clicking – on all fronts ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m listening to Ravel on Radio 3’s composer of the week. He’s very soothing.


        1. My granny’s term, as I am sure you have figured out, means, ”Are you well?” or ”How’s your health?”
          I have no idea of its etymology.

          Hope your headache gets better.

          Try milk on your cornflakes … it is usually better than Gordons.


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    1. The Global Village is becoming more of a hamlet!
      I would still like to imagine we retain enough individuality to make it count, that there is a certain em>je ne sais quo that will turn out a Picasso, Bill Evans, or Hendrix.
      A David Attenborough, Chuck Jaegar or even an Ark and Bill Jones jr!

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