Leading you up the garden path: Incy Wincy Spider


A truly special find this afternoon.

Misumenops rubrodecoratus (common red back crab spiders)

The garden has become somewhat overgrown these past couple of months, which is okay as it’s fun to have the jungle look now and then, but enough is enough and I had intended to get stuck in after work was done with.

So, after digging up some taters I set my sights on the patch of ground next to the Lavender.

As I was about to start, movement caught my eye!


All thoughts of digging went out the window as I hared off down the garden path to my office to fetch the camera!


First time I have seen this colouration on a crab spider. Another beauty!


The shots aren’t brilliant – she really is tiny.










  1. I love it. As I said before the colors of these things are amazing. Even though I am not happy with having these things as neighbors or even residence in my district, I have gotten to like the occasional ( ? ) photos you take of them. You say you don’t think the photos are not brilliant but I disagree. For as small as she is, and as quick, you did wonders. You even captured the web line from her. Grand. But for all my love of your pictures and my acceptance of your liking for these models, you may feel free to keep them on your side of the pond. 🙂 Thanks for both. Hugs

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