Leading you up the garden path. The Megachile Bee.


The Megachile, or Leafcutter  bee is a small solitary bee.

There are over 1000 bee species in South Africa. Only a few are social, such as the honey bee, but most are solitary. They either make nests of mud or resin, or nest in holes in wood or the ground. Their distribution is determined by the type of vegetation, soil, climate, altitude and many other factors.



The bees visit most nectar producing plants in the garden, like the gazania above, but standing among the shoulder high cosmos is almost a guarantee that one will soon be spectator to some interesting encounters.

Like this one ….



And in case you were worried … No, the spider did not get an early lunch!







6 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path. The Megachile Bee.

  1. I like the drama in the photos with the spider creeping up on the bee. The spider is able to blend in with the flower and looking so disbelieving when the bee got away, throwing her arms up in the air in frustration. Hugs


      1. We never see the dangers we are use to, the things in our daily life we simply take for granted as they are so common to us. The bee won’t see the spider as a threat until it touches the bee as that changes the normal situation. By then it is too late most times to react. Well that is my grade school opinion. Hugs


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