Leading you up the garden path. It Fluttered By.




Female Garden Acraea.

Haven’t seen one in over 12 months so this was a nice surprise as I wandered up the garden path  just after breakfast.

Couple of links if you want to know more than I do!





Garden Acraea
Alternate common name: None
Afrikaans common name: Tuin-rooitjie
Wingspan: ♂ 45–50 mm ♀ 49–53 mm
Notes: Popular garden species; visits flowers often. Usually in large,
concentrated colonies. Flight usually slow and sailing, unless disturbed.
Larval food plants include the Wild Peach Kiggelaria africana and various
species of Passifl ora.
Flight period: Year-round, more common Oct–Apr.

Above Info. courtesy of  Chris Willis & Steve Woodhall.


2 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path. It Fluttered By.

  1. Love all those colours!

    Around here these days it’s snow, ice, and frigid temps – at least today’s not minus something; it’s zero!


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