Thursday’s Special –

Paula’s Five word Challenge. (More)Frontal!










11 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special –

      1. Pretty much everything you photograph, just not from “frontal” views like these are or “eating/ensnaring” their prey Even spiders are O.K. when they’re just resting on a pretty flower. And I did like that multi-colored specimen (can’t remember what it was) you posted awhile back.

        Does that help?

        Of course, it is your blog so you can post whatever you want. And many others seem to enjoy your shots. But you did ask … 🙂

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  1. Stunning images. The fuzzy, fluffy stuff on the butterfly frontal shot, is it part of the butterfly’s under belly or is part of the blossom?
    Love the damsel fly… To me she has a surprised look on her face. ‘ Watchadoin? Go bug someone else!’


    1. Having the ”challenges” just makes it that much more fun.
      Kudos to you, Paula, for your patience to set them.

      I got odd looks at first when I would wander off declaring, ”I have something to do for Paula, back in a moment.”
      And someone would call after me:
      ”Who the heck is Paula?”


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