The Insanity of it all.

I have been laying off posting god-stuff of late, but this is worth a read.

Over the years I have followed many discussions on the efficacy of prayer and faith from a Christian perspective. Those of you who read Nate Owen’s blog will be aware of the Christian blogger, Unklee and his perspective on this issue – in a nutshell, he’s all for it. My view is the total opposite and not just because it truly is ridiculous, but also that, when taken to the extremes it encourages certain people to refuse medical treatment for their kids. And we have numerous examples of the outcome of this behaviour.

And then there is a story such as this ….

One of our regular clients pitched up early this morning to collect a large chocolate cake for the seventeen year old child  of a work colleague; a birthday gift. The family, and especially the mother, are in a bit of a state at the moment as her husband is in hospital suffering from chronic organ failure and is not expected to pull through.

He is a diabetic.

But surely he takes insulin?

My father-in-law was diabetic and he injected himself every single day.

When I expressed my sympathy, our client grimaced and said she was not feeling very sympathetic toward him at that moment.

And here’s why …

A short while ago, this chap became a Born Again Christian, and recently he decided that his faith in ‘God’ was so strong that he gave up taking his insulin and took up prayer instead.

To further demonstrate his undying faith he also took to drinking a 2ltr bottle of coke – every day.

This is the story he told his wife, as our client relayed it, who only discovered what he’d been doing after an ambulance was called  and he confessed.

Ah, yes, the gods help us!



Dedicated to de-converts everywhere.






29 thoughts on “The Insanity of it all.

  1. I’d say the fellow has more problems than diabetes – clearly, he’s not right in the head, either.
    Sounds to me like the ‘born again’ is choosing to die. 😦

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  2. Hey Ark, I am a great believer in the Bible. I believe in the creation as the Bible tells us – it is true. I believe Adam and Eve had two children, the Bible tells us so therefore it is true. I believe Cain murdered Able, the Bible tels us so, thus it must be true. The Bible also never mentioned whether Cain and Able had wives and children so that could not have been according to the Bible. Thus when the foursome eventually died the human race passed away. That is the Bible, so Ark you and I do not exist.

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  3. Bill Nye mentioned the other day how when faced with the Cognitive Dissonance of facts conflicting with one’s worldview, the initial response is to actually double down rather than question the worldview. So the Born Again Christian might have all sorts of things going through their mind, like they had not trusted god enough and to resume taking the medicine would be to betray that trust. He might see it as ‘God’ testing him.

    Of course from our observation point there is an obvious answer but the Born Again Christian dare not question what ‘God’ had told him, he can’t listen to the Devil’s lies etc.

    Wonderful wisdom from the Bible????

    ‘But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That man should not expect to receive anything from the Lord’ (James 1:6-7)

    So the Bible neatly absolves ‘God’ and says it is the persons fault for doubting.

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  4. This story is so sad but one wants to laugh at the level of insanity religion can drive people to. I thought the clever goddites take their med and pray just in case god does not come through for them

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    1. I didn’t get that far to ask, and the client didn’t offer any more details.
      It could well be, but this would strike me as odd if intentional as he is a Born Again and surely they have ”moral” prohibitions against suicide?


        1. I don’t disagree. But maybe he genuinely believes he will not die; that Yahweh will save him?

          I imagine what ever happens it will be viewed as a tragedy by all except him, who will likely consider it ”God’s Will”.

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  5. I watched the movie Silence (Google it) last night, but it was too long for me to finish. Not that I would recommend it but who am I to say don’t watch it.But anyway some beings are so convinced of their faith that you cannot interfere. Do as long as people do not interfere I wont.

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  6. P S I have once convinced somebody ‘of faith’ to take an anti=depressant.My daughter who is a gastroenterologist has the same problem, and if the patient dies there can sometimes be BIG p r o b l e m s 😦


      1. No sorry. I convinced a patient to take an anti depressant despite the fact that her religion does not allow it.
        New sentence my daughter is a gastroenterologist and she has problems with some patients who do not want to take medication due to their religion. Does it now make sense…?


        1. Yes.
          I never realised certain religions would be against taking anti depressants.
          Wow! JWs?

          I would imagine that once a patient is admitted to a hospital in such a dire strait that certain religious rights would be forfeit on the grounds of diminished mental faculties?
          But then again … maybe not.
          Just plain weird.

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  7. Well, at least he didn’t drink the Kool Aid. I wish more people were willing to act on their faith. Christians should accept that their diseases are caused by demon possession, so as soon as they become sick they should immediately go to their churches and ask for an exorcism. This will probably result in the priest or minister coming down with the same disease and soon all of the clerics will be sick or dying, so no more problem.

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  8. So the True Believers (TBs) self medicate with prayer? And God calls some of them to join Him?
    That surely is win/win, no?

    Then where’s your problem—jealous?

    Just because God won’t let you into His ambulance, Ark, is no reason to cast asparagus on the faithful. And don’t forget that everything is His doing, even if although He knows long in advance* but won’t tell us; it’s no reason to question the TB.

    And that blasted ambulance was just one of God’s tools, dammit—do I have to explain everything to you ignorant bloody heathens? Sheesh—there’s never a stake around when you need one …

    * About 14.5 billion years by some accounts.

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    1. I love the old joke about the drowning priest, along comes a boat, he shoos it away because he’s praying for God to save him. Along comes a helicopter, same thing. Dies, complains to God, “What gives?” God says, “Whaddya want? I sent a boat and a helicopter!”

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  9. Speaking of insanity, have you seen ColorStorm’s latest post?

    It reminds me of this statement:

    ‘The Donald Trump administration is too difficult to satirise because it is funny enough on its own, say Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park.’

    Our friend ColorStorm is to critical thinking what Donald Trump is to sound government.

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