Butterflies on the move


We have been experiencing another wave of the Brown Veined White cross country migration these past couple of days.


I thought this annual trek was over for the season. Apparently not!


And what a thrill to stand in the garden in the midst of  hundreds  of these butterflies as they make their way  toward Madagascar.



They truly are beautiful.






8 thoughts on “Butterflies on the move

    1. Thank you, Zoe. They truly are a delight.

      They were all over one of the large shrubs in the garden this afternoon.
      And they also land in small groups on the driveway!


  1. I simply don’t know how creatures that are both white and outside in all weather and conditions can stay so white and clean looking. I try to wear white and in half an hour I have spots all over. I love white, but it is the only color I seem to instantly get stuff on. Hugs

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  2. Psst, I’m sure ColorStorm is an atheist having a laugh. That post with things like elephants designing themselves is pure genius, and some of his comments to Pink recently have been too faux idiot to be true. No-one can be that funny and actually real!


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