Incy Wincy. Home sweet home.

’Tis the season of the Cosmos and the Crab Spiders are flourishing.

I have probably mentioned before that Crab Spiders  do not make webs … I’ve never seen a nest either.

However, from time to time I have seen the occasional spider do this …

If you look closely at the image you will notice that the spider has ”stitched” two petals together – if you enlarge the photo you will be able to see the thread – to make what looks like a sort of bower.


Once complete they usually pop outside for a breath of fresh air and to check the lay of the land.



And then they nip back inside and settle down to wait ….



Patience is the watchword.


But sooner or later someone will come visiting ….



( The Bee was too large for this little spider. But it did catch a  small fruit fly a short while later)





5 thoughts on “Incy Wincy. Home sweet home.

  1. You certainly have your share of these magnificent Crab Spiders over there, Ark! Great series of images! I particularly like the last two with the crafty devil of a spider hiding in the flower ready to pounce on the unknowing bee!

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