Beeing there. Just parking off.


Coming back down the garden path I saw this …


A Thyreus; an Old World bee. I’ve posted pics before and mentioned they are not the easiest to photograph, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this one on a pelargonium stem quite motionless.

So still, in fact I thought it was dead.

But this seemed an odd place to die, even for an insect like a bee, and I immediately thought … Crab Spider.

On closer inspection – no spider. The bee was just perched atop this stem, not moving.

I discovered a bit later after some Googling that these bees rest like this, gripping their ‘perch” with their mouth parts.




I took the opportunity to take a few photos,




And then, I noticed a flicker of movement from its back legs.  I thought: it’s sleeping and it just sensed me and was about to fly.


Turns out I was wrong again.thyreus-8


It still did not move. Thinking it might be stuck ( not realising at this stage it was merely resting) I gently touched the underneath of its thorax with an index finger. The bee wiggled its back legs even more and then it flew off.




21 thoughts on “Beeing there. Just parking off.

    1. Good question! Haven’t a clue, Scottie. They are solitary bees and come to think of it I don’t recall seeing one covered in pollen. I even scanned my files of other shots of this bee. Nada on the pollen front. Great call. I shall definitely be on the look out in future.

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    1. Smile. Before Googling I really thought it was stuck: somehow managed to jam its jaws into the stem of the plant and couldn’t get free.
      It probably buzzed off to a quieter spot to catch a few Zs.

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      1. I think it is grand you would help these insects even though they might sting you or bite as they can’t know you are only trying to help. You have a wonderful compassion towards life. Hugs

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