Some like it hot!

Some of  the first fruits of this season’s (successful) chili crop!

For those who might want to know …

For this round of chilli growing – last years didn’t turn out so well – we bought a  reasonable variety of chillis  from the local fruit and veg market and dried them out. Afterwards, I cracked them open and emptied the seeds, keeping careful record of what they were called and how hot or not they were.

What I didn’t keep track of was how many I touched and the fact I was not wearing gloves.

All you need to know at this point is Hot Rocks and Eyes on Fire.


The seeds were sown in 2ltr ice cream tubs ( Handy Hint. It’s best to eat the ice cream first).

I used ordinary potting soil.

They need warmth, rather than light to germinate so if you live ‘Up North’ where people wear Flat Caps and say ‘E, by gum’,  or across the pond, where many are sobbing:  ‘I know Reagan’s dead but can’t we pleeeze re-elect him anyway?” then the airing cupboard is supposed to be a good place to germinate them.

The soil needs to be kept moist,but not sopping.



Once the seedlings appear then they will need light, so a warm, sunny spot is ideal. Probably on a windowsill would be okay.

And again, keep the soil moist, or at least, don’t let it dry out.


Once the seedlings are strong(ish) you can transplant them into larger containers.



Most of these grew up in yogurt tubs. I use Strawberry or Low Fat but I guess any flavour will be fine. Once again, eat the yogurt first.

Make drainage holes in the bottom of the yogurt tubs.

I used potting soil here too and put a few stones or broken bits of old clay pots in the bottom to aid drainage.

Later, they can be transplanted to even larger pots. They will grow into a nice bush if tended.



They will take about a season to produce their first fruit and providing you look after them they will yield for years to come.

You  can transplant them to the garden, but if you get snow or severe frost I ‘m not sure they will cope. So a large pot will do fine and you can then bring it indoors during winter.

We usually get frost in parts of  Johannesburg and  where we are, high  on the ridge it can be bad at times. The couple of already established plants seem to hang in, but once or twice I’ve see their leaves go black.

You can also prune the plant I  believe.

Handy Hint#2. When picking the fruit wear gloves and wash the gloves afterwards.  And just in case, wash your hands too.

Only then is it considered safe to go to the toilet.

You have been warned.chils2

For more expert gardening tips … don’t expect me to come up with all the bloody answers!

What the hell do you think we’ve got Google for?





Ark 🙂


10 thoughts on “Some like it hot!

  1. Perhaps (and this is friendly advice here~) you should wear a gas mask when eating Chillies? And keep your hands in your pockets when touching them … otherwise I guess full NBCD precautions are essential.

    All academic to me anyway, with my skills all I ever grow is weeds … but you should see my crop! Boom boom!

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