”I say old chap, it’s just not Cricket, what?” Macro Moments week 28


Zonocerus elegans (Elegant grasshopper)

Canon EOS 400D Macro setting.

Came across this beauty when I went for a wander up to the shed after lunch.

Although amazing to look at, this Southern African grasshopper rather enjoys munching poisonous plants. It then sequesters the toxins as a  defense against predators.

They also secrete a foul-smelling yellow goo when handled. Most things won’t touch them. Of course,  I  knew none of this when I blithely picked it up and began snapping away! Fortunately for moi, this one was very well-mannered. It must be my innate charm.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

However their poison isn’t a defense against everything.

I read that the Pedi people of South Africa, for example, traditionally enjoyed them as a relish with porridge. Have no idea how they avoided the toxins and couldn’t find any more info either.

After the photo shoot, I extended my hand  and our Jazzy  Grasshopper went“Boing” and leapt into a patch of succulents.

So there you go.

Another“First”as far as this species is concerned, and one more to add to my list of Photographed Fauna at The Ark’s spot..




Makro Challenge 28.Musin with Susan



33 thoughts on “”I say old chap, it’s just not Cricket, what?” Macro Moments week 28

  1. Grand coloring. The colors on the front make a face like Fred Gwynne, an actor. So if they eat poisonous plants they would be something you would want around, correct? Or do they also eat the plants you want to keep? Hugs


    1. Yes, they also attack certain veggies and citrus plants, so the pay-off is not so good.
      Besides, you might be quite surprised just what is poisonous in the average garden and especially to pets!
      Pretty much every member of the Lily family for a kick off.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Over the years I have forced myself to grit my teeth against being squeamish. Has not always been easy!
      I still get a little nervous with the big rain spiders, but as I mentioned, I might have been a little more circumspect if I’d known beforehand this bug’s traits!
      Firing off foul-smelling gunk is one reason I will never handle Parktown Prawns.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just looked up the Parktown Prawn as I was not sure what they did that was so bad that you wouldn’t hold them. I found out they “often eject offensive black fecal liquids”. So I can understand. I personally think any shooting fecal liquids are offencive regardless of color. 🙂 Hugs


        1. And they hiss loudly as well. Absolutely vile buggers, they are! Miniature nightmares.
          They nest in the ground and during some gardening in our first house I accidentally dug up a nest with bazillions of babies and one huge mother!
          I was dressed in shorts and boots, no shirt!
          They were all over me. I absolutely freaked out.

          Liked by 3 people

            1. Tell me about it! Never again, thank the gods!
              You don’t see them outside as a rule. But they do like to venture indoors when it rains. ( they come up from their nests)
              I’ve had them crawl up my bare legs while sitting at my desk at night!
              But we never kill them, merely gently sweep them outside with the broom.
              One has to be gentle as they jump all over the freaking place if one is not careful!

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    1. No Prawns!
      A blessing !
      Though do you have snails?
      I read that a garden usually has one or the other.
      Prawns have not been so prolific this year apparently,( lack of good rains I believe) but we have had more snails than I can ever remember.

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  2. Great images and post, Ark! I miss read one section initially and thought you had jumped into a patch of succulents. Thank goodness it was a misread! I think I will stick to a handful of blueberries with my porridge, thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sometimes I’m glad I live in New Zealand.
    Sure, we do have a poisonous spider (katipo) but you never see them.
    And wetas (I only yesterday found that there’s a ‘weta cave’ not far from town, so I’ll be off with camera to check it out) (wetas … brrrr).

    And we have politicians, the ultimate low-lifes, but I never go near them either. Perhaps there’d be a use for your grasshoppers if I could import a few thousand and set ’em hopping in Parliament (in session, with doors locked from the outside).

    Liked by 2 people

      1. If they honk as much … stop it, you’re giving me antisocial ideas—

        “What’s the charge this time?”

        “That the plaintiff did release several hundred stinkers into the sacred chambers of Parliament, m’lud.”

        “Good heavens …how on earth could they ever tell?”


        1. Oh, that is a distinct possibility. On occasion, I am so unobservant that I jump when I walk past a mirror! 😉

          However, with such bright colours, if they have always been around the property, lurking, they must have hidden themselves very well!

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