Leading you up the garden Path: Lunch.






Mantis with prey ( jumping spider)



15 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden Path: Lunch.

          1. You don’t have to be Koi around here, Ron. Just be yourself. However, I sincerely believe we would all benefit if you considered giving your brand of humour a Mako ver, and Scaled it up a bit, as it comes across as a bit of a damp Squid, t’be honest.


      1. I can understand that. But I take it too far and feel bad for killing a carrot to eat it. Not being funny. I couldn’t go vegan. We do buy local and we know Ireland is very humane, especially for cattle.


        1. No doubt I am still a hypocrite in some areas, I acknowledge this. Some I am probably unaware of – ignorance is surely no excuse either. I’m working on it.
          However, once I had made the decision it was quite amazing how suddenly I began to regard creatures around me in a different light.
          So now, I could no more eat a cow or pig than I could consider roasting one of my boxers.
          These days, I would not consider buying leather shoes, any more than I would dream of taking ground rhinoceros horn.
          Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I became all Holier than thou or any such crap, its solely that creatures I had never before even considered might form part of my outlook were now an integral part of it, and one has second thoughts before swatting or squashing anything.
          Weird, I know.

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          1. Doesn’t seem weird. I did say I feel sorry for carrots and beets. I also rarely squish bugs (I’m well known for being a spider rescuer and letting them walk all over my hands when I take them outside. I don’t actually like to eat much fish, but I’m grand with shellfish. Starting to rethink lobster and calamari, though.

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