Love is: Macro Moments challenge.



”Love is.”

Speckled rock skink  (Trachylepis punctatissima)

Canon EOS 400D Macro Setting.


Taken a while back , but still one of my favorite shots. I think it’s the Lizard’s grin that makes this shot.You can imagine what ever dialogue you fancy!



9 thoughts on “Love is: Macro Moments challenge.

          1. I was kind of stuck in the gutter. We can’t say ‘ride’ in Ireland, as it means sex, or a person you have had or want to have sex with. Did you get the ride? He’s a ride, isn’t he?

            So…starting there I had nowhere else to go.

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  1. We know you like to catch visitors before your cats get to them. We also try to do that with lizards as our cats love to chase and hurt them. So last night as I was headed into the bathroom this little tiny thing ran past my foot. I screamed and turned on the light. I saw it was a tiny little shrimp of a lizard. I called Ron who then chased the lizard all over the bathroom trying to catch it with a small plastic food storage container. Sadly after almost twenty minutes of effort it ended with the lizard getting away while laughing her tail off at us, the cats totally pissed off at being kept from their toy, and both Ron and I completely out of breath. Oh well, I hope she made it out of the house. Hugs

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  2. For some folks love is impossible … but we have to admire pure ambition when we see it.

    Failing that, why are you casting asparagus upon the motives of some bugger innocently sun bathing?

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