Leading you up the garden path: Ark has a ”Skinful”.

This is not something you are likely to see every day.


At first glance there might not seem to be anything too out of the ordinary. Yes, they are marvelous creatures, and this young lady is looking particularly radiant this afternoon.

But you have seen several Preying Mantis at The Ark’s spot, right?

However, this is the very first time I came across one just at the moment it shed its skin.

Hidden among the Cosmos I was actually lucky to catch a glimpse it at all, and only when a bee crossed in front of it did I notice the mantis  as it emerged, leaving its old skin still attached to the flower.


Photographed 12/1/17




7 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path: Ark has a ”Skinful”.

      1. Morning Ark,
        On the bad side, it’s been quite hot and dusty with cold mornings. There is drought so water shortages, power shortage because we rely on hydros and we don’t produce as much. We have elections in 7 months so politicians are busy making noise.
        On the good side of things, I hardly get bothered by goddites. Work is good and I am of good health, I don’t know if there is more someone would ask for.
        How are you?

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