Return of the Cosmos.


Garden wise, this is one of my favorite times of the year, not least because the summer months see the return of the cosmos in various parts of the garden, and especially the small path that runs between the back lawn and the cottage.

And with the cosmos comes …


the Crab Spiders!

While I can look forward to an entire month or so of posting up to date photos guaranteed to make many of you go ‘Yuk’ and Scottie hide under his chair cushion, I would first off like to introduce you to a species I have rarely  encountered.


This is the Philodromidae – the Running Crab Spider.

Apologies for the poor quality of the shot, I was startled to find him and he ran!



10 thoughts on “Return of the Cosmos.

  1. I grow cosmos too, lovely flowers, and that other spider is pictured on a great photograph! Do they jump? It’s the jumpers that bother me. But only when they jump. Hahahahaha.

    – esme watching the woollens upon the Cloud


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