Watching the world go by


Woofing at the neighbours ….


3 thoughts on “Watching the world go by

  1. It is grand to see Cindy fitting in and making friends with the other dogs. You do know the dogs rule right? I think it normally goes first is the woman of the house, followed by either dogs or cats, then whatever place humans can grab, male humans in the house are last. It is just a given. Sorry. 🙂 be well. Hugs


    1. The creeper is a perishing weed, and not a pleasant one at that. It is an invader species and every year we are plagued by several varieties.
      It will be removed in the coming weeks.
      I think that one day we shall have to dig out everything on the lower part of the garden and simply plant lawn.
      Or concrete it and paint it green!

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