The Art of Growing cats.


It is very important when growing a cat you plant it with legs facing down, preferably to a depth of around 30 mm.

The top half ย of the cat must be exposed to sunlight – but not full sun – to allow kittysynthesis to take place.

Cats are highly individualistic, so for maximum growth it is always advisable to feed with the specific food the cat enjoys most.


And make sure you water freely to ensure your Meow turns to Me – Wow!

As you can see from this cat, planted only this afternoon, she is bursting out of her pot and ready to be transplanted to a larger one.

—-Home Gardening Tips brought to you by The Ark.—-




34 thoughts on “The Art of Growing cats.

      1. Hey, Ark! All the best for 2017 – I have a bit of catching up to do after an enforced blogging layoff. Am trying to get back into it and hoping to have a post up later or, failing that, tomorrow.

        As part of getting back into it, I have done a minor “re-vamp”, changing the colours and not my theme. It’s Gateway. I have to say that I find it a bit more versatile than some of the other free themes. The other one that I quite like, and am using for Slow Wine Weekends ( is Lovecraft. It has a static front page, but and you’ll find the blogroll on the News tab (also needs work…). Hope that helps.

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                  1. LOL! You will manage! Oh, and you have to choose a featured image for each post. A lesson I learned, because it’s often cropped, is to choose quite carefully to make sure that the elements you want are included.


                    1. Er …how does one do this? ( he pleads, realizing for a grown man in this day and age not to be able to understand such basic technology he should be taken outside and publicly flogged)

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                    2. Wahaha! Go to the selected post and in the “old” editor, in the bottom right corner (hope your settings are the same as mine), you’ll see a box that asks you to “Set featured image.”

                      In the new editor, you’ll see it with all the other goeters on the left. Click the down arrow and then you can drag and drop….

                      E-mail me if you don’t come right and I’ll send you some screen shots?


                  2. Looking good, Ark. I see some of your posts have the pics, others don’t. It’ll be a case of checking – at least for the posts on the roll/until you are ready to go through and do them all. If you want the las!


  1. I think this is my favorite plant in your garden! I love its colors and shape. Did it grow naturally this way or did you have to feed it unusual food and the occasional demanded treat? Outstanding sir! I currently have one of those plants in my lap, finding they grow better when occasionally held and interacted with. Makes reaching the keyboard a challenge but these plants are worth the effort. Hugs

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    1. Top right hand corner of the comment box.
      Look visible from this side. Plain as day.
      Can you not see them?
      Scottie has replied.
      Let me know if they are still not visible and I’ll check settings?


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