Remember: When the chips are down, be patient.


There will soon be potatoes

9/1/17 Homegrown.


15 thoughts on “Remember: When the chips are down, be patient.

    1. They are indeed. And there are quite a few spread over the unofficial veggie patch.
      We don’t actually plant potatoes, merely bury the peelings and the occasional spud that has gone a bit manky.
      Lucky, I guess.

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        1. Celeste has been going on about growing them in black plastic bin liners for absolutely ages after hearing about the idea from a talk she went to yonks ago.
          With 2000sq metres of garden I can’t see the point, especially at it will inevitably be me doing all the planting and what have you!

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          1. Thought you might have a dog scavenging problem with free range spuds. My labradors just loved ’em. They once got lose in a potato field. It was a nightmare trying to re-capture them. Also the thing with bags, you only need one spud, and if you feed it, it will grow zillions more. Or so I’m told. Last year slugs invaded my potatoes-in-a-bag effort and caused total ravagement.

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  1. The ‘wee stack of old car tyres’ idea worked well when I tried it years ago. Once in you can forget about them, no mounding up (stops ’em going green) (the tubers, Silly—not the leafs) and harvesting is simple too; even better, the dogs leave ’em alone and no catweesels … toss in a nasturtium or two and the edifice even looks good.

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