Quirky habits.






Rather than simply chucking them out, I began putting the odd broken flower pot in selected places around the garden as the various shades of clay blended nicely and they added a natural feel.

One day an old chipped coffee mug appeared among some shrubs. A little while later another one and soon after yet another.

Not from me, I might add, but I am not the only one who lives here, or who has the only say about what goes on in the garden. Quite right, too.

So, over time, certain areas of the garden have developed a more ‘domestic’ appearance.

This tea pot, bought as a Christmas gift for the wife by the children quite a few years ago, suffered a badly chipped spout during an energetic bout of washing up.

It never recovered, even after a couple of tries with super glue. Although there was always the promise that, ”… surely we must be able to be repair it?”, the necessary ‘mending’ never materialized until eventually, the broken pieces of spout were lost, never to be found; though I suspect they are residing in another seldom used kitchen item that’s skulking somewhere in the depths of a cupboard.

And so today, after once more expressing frustration at the  teapot blocking a direct route to a more frequently used kitchen item, this time a large, earthenware casserole dish the wife needed for Sunday Lunch, the crippled teapot, dejected and unused, never to see Earl Grey, Ceylon or even a common Teabag again, was finally ejected from the house to brave the elements in the garden on the rockery; where it will keep company with the stone tortoise, several other damaged pots and of course, the lizards.

As incongruous as it may seem at first glance, once you have noticed it a few times after going up and down the garden path, I think it suits its new home, if not to a Tea, then surely to a ‘T’.




8 thoughts on “Quirky habits.

  1. Reminds me of the gentleman farmer who kept going the feed store to buy more chicks. When asked what was the status of the previous batches, as part of polite conversation, the gentleman replied that they did not survive, possibly he was not planting them deep enough.

    Now if your tea pot at the end of the season ends up surrounded by little cups and saucers, better call the newspaper!

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    1. In actual fact, prior to us buying this property it was rented out, and the naughty tenants sub-let to a few people who were into Marijuana in quite a big way.
      So much so that there were a lot /em> of plants growing all over the garden, evidence they chucked their dog-ends anywhere that took their fancy!
      Had I been so inclined, I could quite easily have had myself a nice little cottage industry going!

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      1. Could be a new stanza to that Afroman song (Because I got high):

        I was gonna sell weed but then I got high
        I just had to bag it up but then I got high
        Now I’m photographing teapots and I know why
        ‘Cause I got high
        Because I got high
        Because I got high

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  2. What a lovely idea Ark, an edge of eccentricity to it that makes me smile, but also basic appreciation for the aesthetics of the pots and mugs etc. I think I’ll join you on this on and see how my garden grows. *beams a smile his way*

    – esme doing a tea-pot impersonation upon the Cloud

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