Cat Alert!


Bella – Defcon 4. 8/1/17

Although she has never harmed any of our cats, nor any foreign cats that have occasionally wandered on to the property, she will try to ensure you are aware of their presence: like this.

Our neighbours’ cat, Ginger, has taken to sitting on the wall outside the kitchen in the hope he will get fed. And he does!

Here he had followed me up the garden path  as I went to the shed. The dogs all followed on my heel and this was the moment Bella saw Ginger dart ahead of me.

“Hey, Ark, did you see that!”




20 thoughts on “Cat Alert!

  1. Oh man, just focused on the pic of Bella and burst into tears. My lovely boxer Ruby started to wheeze and loose weight a month ago. Long story short she has a massive cancerous tumor – she’s only 8 years old! Hero to zero in a matter of weeks, it’s not fair! Vet says keep here comfortable and bring her in when ready.Obviously we won’t let her suffer, but we’re devastated.


    1. I am so terribly sorry to hear this. Truly, I know how you are feeling.
      Our first boxer, Brunel passed away under similar circumstances, cancerous tumor, and she was the same age as Ruby.

      There are no words. I am now feeling as choked as you.

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      1. I join Ark in his tears and sorrow for you. 😢

        My daughter just recently had to put her Rottweiler down after discovering the dog had “advanced bone cancer” in her back legs. There are few sadder things in life than losing your beloved pet.


      2. Sorry, been off the grid for a few days. Ruby is still with us but she doesn’t have long. We’ll tackle the inevitable in the next week or so. It’s so unfair! Thanks for your kind thoughts. 🙂


        1. As I mentioned before, our first boxer, Brunel, succumbed. But I got confused as she died at five not eight.
          Toward the end, we kept her at home rather than take her to the vet. He said she wasn’t suffering too much and it was only the finally week where she was in discomfort. She passed at home, at 2.00 in the morning in our bedroom on my lap, which we felt she would have been happier with than at the vet.
          We buried her in the garden.
          There are no words at this stage to soften the inevitable for you, and chin-up and all such stuff just seems meaningless drivel.
          All I can say is, it is part of life and for now, however brief, Ruby is still with you.

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          1. Precisely and we cherish every moment. She’s lost almost 20 pounds in the last few weeks but through trial and error arrived at a diet of soft scrambled egg with protein powder. It seems to agree with her and as long as she greets me at the front door with a spring in her step our little lady will march on. Thanks again.


          2. Well, that’s a ray of sunshine amid the gloom!
            Maybe you should consider a puppy? I don’t know what the dog therapists think of such an arrangement at this time, but I know for a fact that Bella and Bobbi who were sisters were inseparable and when we lost Bella because of severe epilepsy Bobbi was beside herself for a while.
            Maybe a puppy will help Ruby?

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          3. When we lost Jessie (our last boxer) at 14, we agreed not to get another dog until all of us could talk about Jessie without tearing up – it took 2 years! Damn boxers, damn dog breeders and damn my breaking heart. Big hug.


          4. The day after we lost Brunel, Neville, the chap who supplies our dog food called us up and said he had a customer who needed a home for the last two boxers pups from a litter. He knew what had just happened to Brunel and we were adamant: No, dammit!
            He said no decision had to be made, right away, but they had been kept at a pet store as the owner had been overseas for two months. Just have a look?
            We were still eyes red-rimmed from the night before. I was in a terrible mess, I don’t mind admitting.
            Well, these two skinny, underweight pups bounded out the car. They had the runs and pooed almost at once. But they ran straight to us and Neville just stood there smiling. Bastard! He knew!
            The rest is history. And that’s how we got Bella and Bobbi.

            Every dog is different, I guess.
            As is every owner.

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  2. On the upside my Dad just adopted Jojo, a Sharpei miracle of undetermined age. Found abandoned in the woods along a mountain pass,half starved and suffering from bones broken by her abuser. Jojo is testament to canine tenacity, a lovely girl who will live out her days with love and compassion.

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    1. My daughter has just reminded me of something.
      Have you considered the pure form ( not the hallucinogenic )of TCH (cannabis oil)?
      We were not aware of it when Brunel got sick, but it may help if you can get hold of it?


      1. Our dear little lady, Ruby the Wonder-Pup passed away last night. The night before she took a dramatic turn for the worse, my husband stayed home from work yesterday to be with her, she hung on until I came home early evening. She kissed me goodbye, lay down at the foot of our bed and drifted away. We’re heartbroken.


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