Mother. I mean, Moth … er.



Sundowner moth, Sphingomorpha chlorea

Discovered in the kitchen this evening.




9 thoughts on “Mother. I mean, Moth … er.

    1. They’re supposedly quite widespread out here, but this is the first time I have encountered one.,
      I read somewhere it’s was named the ‘Sundowner’ because it has a penchant for arriving during cocktail hour and if you are not looking will take a ”slurp” of your drink! 🙂

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  1. That is one gorgeous moth~!

    For some reason she/it (oops, er … it/she) reminds me of those wee Colombian gold artefacts that look more like mini aircraft than the moths they so obviously are. Must be. Have to be. (Memo to self: do another post on them.)

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    1. You will probably find that most people’s places are ‘zoos’. Especially the likes of you and me, Mak, us being on African soil. But for the most part, we simply never pay much attention.


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