A couple of has-beans, broadly speaking.


Beans. Homegrown. 5/1/17.

Maybe not quite naturally green fingered, but for moi, definitely loads of fun, especially when we all get to eat the fruits of my ”toiling in the soil”, as we will tonight for dinner.




14 thoughts on “A couple of has-beans, broadly speaking.

    1. It says Runner Witsa on the packet. I have no idea what this means.

      I have planted them in various parts of the garden in what looks like different soil. The ones in the photo were planted in a large pot full of potting soil next to the pond.
      I try to pick them as young as poss. and they taste all right to me.

      We have a couple of other varieties. I just went to the pantry to see – just for you. One is a low grower and another says Lazy Housewife on the packet. The wife refuses to open this one on principle!

      And that is the extent of my gardening knowledge on beans.

      Oh, one more thing. We buy all our seeds from a small,family run hardware store. The owner, Claudio, is Italian and a Juventus supporter.
      He can’t help it.


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      1. Apart from anything else it would indicate runner bean. Not broad bean … someone on the internet says lazy housewife is tasteless. I used to use organic seeds in uk but I just go down to the village shop. Small, dark, and intimidating depending on your confidence with gardening and spanish. Also cheaper than garden centre, which involves a drive rather than a short walk. We have two shops in the village, because we’re the centre of a big agro area and we also have a massive wholesale veg market.


      2. ‘Runner’ is either a person with the trots, or a snout in cold weather. Witsa is a word perhaps coined by one Mr Hart, as when he was explaining horoscopery. Comme ca—

        “I’m a Leo but my wife’s a Mattawitta.”

        “Oink? What’s a ‘Mattawitta’?”

        “… … she hates puns …”

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  1. Better a has-bean than half baked … when I was a kid I used to burgle the family gardens (something I wasn’t allowed to do) but would limit myself to strictly “just the one”. Nothing in the world so nice as the one strawberry, or bean, or peas (rhubarb? Yukkkkk …) I never got overtly caught though I suspect I was blind-eyed a few times.

    As for being half baked, I think the crops this year are going to be a bit poor all round. Thanks to Al Gore it’s still winter down here. I should send ol’ Al a strongly worded letter thanking him for all his lovely global warming but please not to forget us …

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