Along the garden path


Along the garden path.



10 thoughts on “Along the garden path

    1. We have had a crop or two, very small fruit,but ours’ normally appear toward the middle of the year up here.
      Have no clue how the banana plant got here – we certainly didn’t plant it. So one can only guess it arrived via a bird’s bottom.

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        1. ray comfort and kirk cameron.
          two of the biggest morons on gawd’s green earth.
          they travel all over the world to stand on street corners and scream out loud with megaphones just how stupid they are.
          then they moan about how persecuted they are
          then they cash their big $$$ cheques
          can anyone answer that for me?
          John, Ark, Scottie, Nan, Carmen… anyone?
          i’d really like to know.

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