Henning’s Black Eye




Henning’s  Black Eye.



13 thoughts on “Henning’s Black Eye

          1. I’m teasing you, Ark. I’m also relieved to find out some drunk didn’t take a swipe at you . . . for whatever reason.


            1. I know. Fear not, dear heart.
              Rest assured, Le Ark en famille are always safely ensconced at home this time of year.
              No venturing out on the highways and byways.
              Way too many deaths on our roads because of booze.


              1. Hubby and I were discussing that recently. We went out to a dance for years every New Year’s Eve. It just isn’t safe to do it anymore and one person has to drink water only all night long and then you’re still at risk of being hit by someone else. We opted for a New Year’s Day Levee (don’t know how to do the accent over the first ‘e’) the next day; we just danced in the afternoon (there was a band playing, a Town Crier, and lots to eat) on the 1st instead of the evening before. . . 🙂

                Hope yours was enjoyable!


                  1. Since it’s usually freezing farking cold here on Dec. 31st, only the foolhardy would set off fireworks! (think I could have included a few more effs?)


  1. Drunks on the road are one thing, but I see that some gun crazy drunken fool in Alabama fired his gun into the ground to celebrate the new year within a group of 30 people and killed a 5-year-old. He then ran away and hid in his house and another idiot decided to try and hide the gun by throwing it into a field. These people love their guns more than their children.

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