Captain Sensible: The Christian Quote of the…… Year?


This post over at Bob’s blog is definitely worth a visit.

I am sure John Z could come up with a meme for the comment made by this Christian bloke, Norm Donnan.

Underpants on the head. The New Christians

Norm Donnan  reply to Bob Seidensticker • 2 hours ago

”Human nature being what it is often finds ways of justifying behavior or agendas. Other relevant examples are Evolution-we all come from star dust. Abortion- their not really a person. Homosexuality-l feel,therfore l am. Atheism-we want evidence. Global warming,God doesnt exist,ect,ect.”

  • Bob.

    • Yeah, science is just shanghaied to argue against religion. It has never proven to be a useful way to find the truth about reality

and here it comes…..

Norm Donnan

”What does make me nervous Bob is intelligent people assure themselves and other gullible enough to believe then that they are actual facts. Study things that are provable and leave the star dust theory to mythical legends like evolution and Greek gods.”

Study things that are provable? Er….such as Creationism, Jesus and the basis of Christianity, for instance, Norm?

Just a thought.

People like Norm are actually allowed in the gene pool. Scarey, hey?

My emphasis.

Le Ark

23 thoughts on “Captain Sensible: The Christian Quote of the…… Year?

        • Encyclopaedia Britannica. Volume 14 Pg 826
          ”There are no visions, of the risen Lord, however, in the best manuscripts, (verses 9-20 are commonly held to be later additions) and thus, Mark remains an open ended gospel. The Resurrection is neither described not interpreted,”

          This was my first encounter about the short ending.
          There are many websites but i can”t remember where I went!
          I always find the EB tends toward the non disruptive approach and where controversy lurks it sticks with consensus.
          As is the case when discussing an historical Jesus.
          ”….even his detractors believed he existed.” (Paraphrase)


            • So they reckon. Mark has 661 verses; 600 of which appear in Matthew. Serious….and they want to tell us ”Eyewitness”
              Mark, Matthew and Luke, Synoptic.Luke wrote Acts.(like a Gospel of Luke part 2 sort of thing)

              John: quite possibly composed in Ephesus.

              Some tout the Q source as a basis for the Synoptics (from Quelle – German for ..source ..Cor!)but it has never been found.
              Others believe there never was a source. I lean toward that based on my minimal understanding of exegeses.



              • Cheers! Ah yes, the mysterious Q… always heard but never seen! Personally i think the “sayings” were the core texts; the so-named Q docs. Thomas in particular.


              • I’ve been reading up on that today.There are – as one might expect – two main schools. One for an early date: Pre-Markan or close and one for an older date Middle 1st to 2nd.CE
                Both offer seemingly plausible arguments.
                However…when in doubt…..
                I always default to Common Sense mode.

                No Q. (pissing in the wind)

                Why did Marcion make his own gospel and why did the Church shit themselves and only THEN get divine inspiration and push for an early release and try to get the ‘bible into the ”shops” ASAP
                Oooh, I know, let’s ask that lying bastard Eusebius and his dickwad Patron Constantine.


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