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“The whole truth and nothing LIKE the truth.”

One of things that always irritated the hell out of me  – until recently –   was the way Christian apologists would  use the term ‘consensus’ when citing what the majority of scholars thought of things like the inerrancy of the Bible, including, the Resurrection, the historicity of Jesus, Noah’s flood, Adam and Eve and my all time favourite Nazareth (sic)

And it becomes increasingly frustrating when one receives a self-satisfied smug reply denigrating people like Richard Carrier and Robert Price as cranks, – as if William Lane Craig and his ilk are truly better scholars and better professionals.

Run of the mill Christians cite such much-vaunted scholars of theology to bolster their case when arguing points in blogland too.

However, what many people may be unaware of – Including me – is something called a Statement of Faith that many employers of these evangelical theologians oblige their staff to sign. I am referring specifically to seminaries (theological schools).

Bob Seidensticker hosts an excellent blog and this post covers the topic admirably.


William Lane Craig is one that (I believe) has signed such a document. Basically this means that they believe in and are obliged to teach the complete inerrancy of the Bible.


“Scholars” like this publish books.  Children are exposed to such beliefs, passed off as factual.  And in many towns and cities evangelists are pushing for such beliefs to be taught in schools.

Now that you understand where people like this are coming from, how objective do you think people like this can be?

So, for example, when you read that the consensus of scholars believes in the historicity of Jesus, or anything else biblical, you might want to think twice before nodding in uninformed agreement.

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