Nite, nite. Faz Favour, Kate?

What do I remember? Who can be sure?  Always the danger of getting mugged down memory line, right?

I think we went there by car, but can’t be sure whose. If we did, it was probably Graham’s Hillman Avenger.

He had speakers all over the bloody thing, including a 12 inch woofer in the boot.

We were into Frank Zappa, among others, him  more than  I –  ”Watch out where the huskies go, don’t you eat that yellow snow” – but this night was for someone entirely different.

There are a few clubs in Chester and Gray and I saw a fair few bands  in our time.

One club, The Art Centre, hosted several (progressive) Jazz bands, which we caught.

That night though, was about Blues, and you can hear the capital drop right in!

When Thin Lizzy started out they were a three piece and the original guitarist was a bloke called Eric Bell.

He left and was replaced by Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson – and later Gary Moore and even Midge Ure had a short run.

We caught Eric Bell’s band, a three piece, at the Art Centre.

I cannot for the life of me remember when during his set he played this song, but when he did that small club went bonkers. There are no live recordings of this time but the song is still widely available all over the show.

This was one of the best versions I could find on the facetube.

For you , Kate.   ;)   Faz Favor?



The Ark










Averse to verse

The Beast.

Though goodness resides in the hearts of men,

‘Tis trammelled  ‘neath the evil boot along the pathways of the mind,

For common sense is not so common

Reserved for those in Office,

So lesser mortals are ‘reft of thought,

While others tend the path,

Weeds are sown and tangling vines,

‘Til all their cries are nought,

And caparisoned in purple and white,

They extend a hand to help,

“Question not, thy foolish child, you will see, all is well.”

And as the light of truth doth flicker,

They lead you into hell.



The Beast

Count Erich von Streubelstrasse was a minor nobleman from Lithuania.

Born sometime during the 15th century he was excommunicated from the church by Pope Gregor the Just, after he was heard to enquire, “Just what?”

A prolific poet who wrote mainly against the church in cryptic verse, he was eventually put to death for heresy after he was accused of repeatedly exclaiming that Jesus was a woman.

19th century historians discovered that he had not ever referred to Jesus as a woman: his verbal outbursts, which were, in fact along the lines of “Jesus, what a woman”, were directed towards Agnetha Willhelmsburg, a large-breasted young lady of no fixed ability who spent a large amount of time on her knees in the service of Pope Gregor.

It was later revealed that Streubelstrasse’s title, Count, was erroneous, as Pope Gregor had not included the ‘O’ when referring to the man. The extra vowel was added later by a London publisher to avoid any censorship issues.

The Beast is the only known extant copy of his work.


An apt song to close with…just for the lyrics. For all my blogpals,  ;)

The fantastic, Thin Lizzy.






Imagine if this is as good as it gets?

As a sort of extension to my Advice, vice post….

I enjoy watching movies that involve writers. By that I mean one or more of the characters is a writer.  I fnd them inspirational. My favorite film of this type is the comedy, As Good As It Gets, with Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson.

As good as it gets

I have watched this film more times than I can recall.

Every actor’s performance is a gem and it’s no wonder it won academy awards. But Nicholson’s performance is sublime.

To his gay neighbour ( played by Greg Kinnear) who is recovering from a mugging and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

“Nellie, you’re a disgrace to depression”

And at the risk of incurring the wrath of the hundreds of my female fans.

“How do you write women so well?”

“I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.”


Any more suggestions for “Writer Movies”?


And we can close the day with this…


The Ark





Advice for writers or a vice for writers?

I am always wary of sites that offer advice to writers. Not that I don’t appreciate and need most if not all of what is offered, but rather because such advice often intimidates me.

It does this by reminding me how little I know about the craft of writing and sadly many sites then go on to tell the reader, who is probably a writer, or at least harbours dreams of becoming one, how tough it is, how few make it and generally how low the standard is  ‘out there’.

There are exceptions to the rule and there are a few places where I feel comfortable reading about how I need to get my arse into gear and sort out my writing…again. Eric Baker’s spot is one such. And Colonialist too, when he  is in the mood to dispense such pearls of wisdom.

But in the main, by the time I have finished reading ‘’Advice For Writers’’  I am a nervous wreck with less confidence to write two lines of blurb for a cereal packet let alone contemplate becoming a published writer…even though I am a published writer. Nuts, I know, and I am convinced this is a built-in quality for almost every writer.

About eighteen months ago I began, or at least my Altered Ego began, to write an erotic thriller as a dare cum challenge. It began as a bit of fun but I ran out of plot and put it on the back burner.

There was also this lingering thought that plot or no plot who the hell reads this type of stuff.

Oh, boy…how naive.

I know my publisher would dearly love to see the finished manuscript sitting on her desk. Me too if truth be told, yet I cannot seem to develop a truly believable plot and it is as frustrating as hell. So, until the moment arrives when that big idea explodes I have been content to write out scenes that may or may not end up in the finished book, should it ever materialise, and consider such material as exercises in writing.

Anyhow, I had a flash of inspiration yesterday and thought I would dig out the manuscript. It was with all this in mind that I tippy-toed onto the internet yesterday looking for,  “Current Erotic Terms”. I don’t want to write as if I am describing a treatise on gynaecology nor straight out pornography. It seems that wherever one looks, a good old ‘’Fuck” is quite acceptable, but opinions vary widely regarding other vernacular terms that allude to cats or roosters.

Tentative enquiries from the Missus revealed that certain words were simply not acceptable but correct anatomical terminology is okay.

Here’s a small piece.

It has the working title, Click .


Chapter 3

If it wasn’t for the sound of pedalling, Samantha might have believed the occasional grunting noises  were due to a completely different activity going on in the adjoining room. She smiled.

As the bath slowly filled slim tendrils of steam began to snake their way across the tiled floor but not quite making it to the full length mirror where she stood admiring her naked reflection.

She was proud of her body; not because of any sense of inflated ego – at least this is what she told herself – but rather because she had looked after it.

Samantha had recently turned 43. She told those people that asked she was 37, but most importantly, she looked no more than 32. Well, that was what ‘everyone’ told her.  But, really, what did 32 look like?

She began to daydream. Damn. She would dearly love to crawl back into bed but she had an editors’ meeting this morning.

Thumi walked into the bathroom, still breathing heavily from her session on the static bicycle.

She was naked, having discarded her shorts and top in the dressing room and Samantha could see her heart beating under the skin.

Rivulets of sweat ran down her body and coupled with the interplay of muscles gave the impression of hot water running over chocolate.

Thumi leaned over the bath and turned off the taps, splashed the water vigorously to foam up the bubble bath then stood up and gingerly dipped her toe in the water.

‘Don’t I even get a kiss good morning, then?’ Samantha complained, feigning hurt and pouting like a spoiled child.

Thumi grinned, took two steps toward Samantha, and offered a sweaty kiss on the cheek.

Samantha grabbed Thumi’s wrist and pulled her close. ‘You call that a kiss?’ as she forced Thumi’s hand between her legs and forced her tongue between Thumi’s lips.

After a few seconds Thumi broke the embrace almost gasping. ‘I’m all sweaty and sticky.’

‘Good,’ said Samantha, her pupils dilating at the sudden rush of lust and she squeezed her thighs around Thumi’s hand. ‘Make me come.’


Copyright© Douglas Pearce

Jesus Christ, I need an Aspirin.

Religion continues to amaze me, but more so the people who follow it, or in context of this post claim they don’t or don’t need to.

Let me explain.

I watched a Bart Ehrman video over on Matt’s blog the other day and when it finished I clicked on another YouTube offering with Ehrman and apologist Mike Licona. This was a podcast production from an English Christian radio program.

The topic of discussion included such issues as biblical inerrancy. What  made me really sit up and take notice was Licona’s statement that his belief /faith in Christianity did not depend on the inerrancy of the  bible. And yet, he is an inerrantist.

He quickly added a qualifier to this, stating that he still believed in the inerrancy of the bible. And this in the wake of him being obliged/forced to resign his position as research professor at Southern Evangelical Seminary and as apologetics coordinator for the North American Mission Board (NAMB).

This was after he had stated in his 2010 book ,The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach, that the resurrection of the saints, more popularly known as the  Zombie Apocalypse  might not be literal but could be regarded as apocalyptic imagery.

So, what we have here is an evangelical apologist claiming they believe in the inerrancy of the bible yet stating it is not crucial to their belief in Jesus Christ.

I thought this a most odd position to take, but I have heard / read similar things from a few Christian bloggers, often in somewhat obscure or couched terms. Unklee, and Fide come to mind.

Unklee has stated several times he is not beholden to the Old Testament at all and the scientific findings regarding the Pentateuch, including the so-called prophecies ( Virgin Birth etc) are not binding upon him, only Jesus is.

It appears these folks believe that the Resurrection of Jesus is the only thing that counts. If this is not true then Christianity is not true and they have admitted they would give it up immediately.

And of course, as obvious as it might sound, the death and Resurrection of Jesus came before any written ‘record’.  Although they didn’t know about it until it appeared in writing.

John 20:29

New International Version (NIV)

29 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Ah..maybe now we are getting somewhere? Faith.

I have tried to work this out and although I have no confirmation from such believers all I can come up with is they recognize that as we do not have the original ‘god-inspired texts’, ‘‘all bets are off’. Thus, they can sidestep the issues of inerrancy, contradictions, and even archaeological evidence should such evidence prove the texts we do have are all false.

If this is the case, and even without confirmation it seems as good an explanation as any, is it any wonder it’s impossible to get a devout believer to acknowledge the veracity of any statement that contradicts the conviction of their faith-based belief?

And this is simply because they only have to acknowledge the original text, which does not exist, is inerrant, and any faults with the current text are all due to human error.

Thus their god remains untouched by human dissent and is immutable from any challenge.

This is somewhat of a light bulb moment for me and maybe many people are already noddding and saying, ”Well yeah, hello!”

Can anyone throw some more light on this?


The Ark



Kick out the Jams. Happy B’day to U etc etc. Yawn…

The clock ticks over once more for the Ark’s Coffeemaker, who happens to be a lot older than I am, which is a confusing statement all round if you think about it.


Anyhow, knowing his penchant for all things Pratchett I discovered a new book on the Coffeemaker’s ‘Pratchett’ shelf this morning: Small Gods.  Lucky sod. Wish I was getting this book. But I guess I’ll get to read it too…eventually.

It is the 2014 Victor Gollanz edition and it’s great: hard cover, new artwork etc. And because the Coffeemaker’s son is a real B^&*%$#  with a wicked sense of humour, the dedication is especially thoughtful.

images (2)


It reads:

May God be with you. 

Lots of love Jesus, Mary and Joseph. And Us.


Bless his cotton socks



I am sure the Coffeemaker will love it. When he gets his lazy backside out of bed that is.

Maybe this will help?

One of the best kick-ass songs ever recorded.







Incy wincy spider….

Let’s kick off Friday with a song and  a laugh.

The song, Spider to the Fly is an old Stones number, but this video is an updated version they did.

For Sonel, whose super spider picture graces my header this morning.

And so’ s you’ve got something to do while listening you can do this quiz, if you think you qualify.

I had blogpal Archaeopteryx,

specifically in mind when I decided to post it.


Quiz thingy for older bloggers…. 

1. (Men) How many times a week do you leave the house with your trouser fly undone?

(Women)How many times a week do you leave the house with your dress/skirt tucked into your underwear?

2. How often do you wander around the house moaning about your glasses being lost…and you know where they turn up, don’t you?

3. Do you have sex on your partner’s birthday or your own?

4. Can you remember either of these dates?

5. Are all your Pat Boone and Cliff Richard records indexed?

6. Have you managed to work out what speed a CD must be played on your Hi-Fi?

7. Or gramophone (for even older bloggers)

  1. Do you remember the colour of the flick-out indicators on your first car?

9. Which member of British Royalty/ American President/ Bill Haley’s Comet’s  is on your tea mug?

10. Does it say, Royal Doulton or Made in China on the bottom? (Of your mug, not your partner. And remember to take your teeth out of the mug before looking)

11. What is the longest time you have been stuck inside the ‘security box’ at your local bank?

12. Have you ever driven away from a garage because the sign on the forecourt read, “No ordinary petrol!”

13. Do you think you weigh less because your scale is in Kilograms and not Pounds?

14. Do you write the Level where you parked the  car in the Multi-Storey car park on your hand or  do you leave a trail of boiled sweet wrappers?

15. Do you still play Doctors and Nurses but hire real ones so’s you can get a check-up at the same time?

16.  How often do you accidentally address your partner by the name of the dog or cat?

17. How many naps did you have before you completed this quiz?




The (young blogger) Ark



Things you ought to know about the Bible. A Public Health Notice

In Support of Mental Health

If you are going to put your faith in a particular religious text then shouldn’t you at least know a little about about it?




Warning: This book should  be read with caution and a large measure of incredulity.  

PG rating.  Not suitable as a worldview for children under 90.

images (1)

Yes, but 400 years of what?

Once upon a time……

The King James version of the New Testament was completed in 1611 by 8 members of the Church of England. There were not (and still are not) any original texts to translate. The two oldest manuscripts available were penned hundreds of years after the last apostle allegedly died; they contain 3,036 conflicting textual variations and do not mention a resurrection in the earliest written gospel. That part was secretly added to copies generations later. There were over 8,000 copies of the copies of the copies made, producing a story so blindingly contradictory that “Christians count 133 contrary opinions of different authorities concerning the year the Messiah appeared on earth” (Encyclopaedia Britannica).

….But that doesn’t matter.

The King James translators didn’t refer to any of these manuscripts, anyway. Instead, they edited previous translations of the corrupted documents to create an entirely new bible which the King and Parliament would approve of.

In other words, 21st Century Christians believe the “Word of God” is a book edited in the 17th Century from tainted 16th Century translations of 8,000 contradictory copies of contaminated 4th Century scrolls that claim to be copies of secretly falsified (lost) letters possibly first written (at the earliest) in the last years of the 1st Century regarding a gnostic character who lived perhaps two or even three generations earlier… but who no historian, social commentator, court record keeper, curious onlooker or graffiti artist along the entire eastern Mediterranean seaboard apparently noticed during his supposed life.

-John Zande-



If you have never read the bible, cover to cover, then it’s about time you did.

It’s a Game Changer

Nite, Nite, Outlaws.

imagesThere was this whole dual  lead guitar rock thing going on in the mid to late seventies.

In the UK the pioneers were undoubtedly the brilliant Wishbone Ash, ( who I saw) and a little later  Thin Lizzy. ( them too!)

It probably goes without saying that the American counterparts would be Lynyrd Skynrd and their signature song, Freebird is the standout example of this dual guitar sound.

As a kid If you were in a band in the seventies Freebird was a must learn, must play.  And we did….badly!

There were other bands of the same genre, Molly Hatchet, spring to mind. If you were into this music who could forget Flirting with disaster?

But for me this band, the Outlaws, outshone the rest by far. Oddly enough  I had never even heard of them until 1979 after I arrived in South Africa and I became friends with a bloke called Tim who had similar tastes in music.

Some music is highly emotional. This is one of those songs.  Superb vocals and incredible musicianship. Every time I listen to it blows me away.

This  is loud song so  don’t expect to doze off!

Go and check some of their albums.

Take it away Hughie Thomasson  What a guitarist.